Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hi. I'm Charles the Bear Cub. You know me. I'm five. I live on Sparkle Road with my buddy,  Grandpa James. He's really old. He was the second Canadian to get off Noah's Ark, you know.

 Oh. Wait! Chance lives with us, too. He's a newborn cubby someone left in a basket on our doorstep. He's a wee little thing. I look after Chance, too. He's a handful! Oh. Wait! Frankie lives with us, too. He's four. He goes to the Scruffy Maple Day Care Centre with me.

I got really sick and I had to go to hospital. Dr. Quoc said I had to have surgery so I could get well. There are lots of things to do before surgery.  I couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. At hospital I got a wristband with my name and birthday on it. I know my birthday. It's July 1st. That's Canada's birthday, too! Then I had to put on a hospital gown. Mine had bears on it. Then I had to wear a special hat.

This is the operating theatre.
The doctors and nurses asked me questions before the operation. Dr. Quoc is a surgeon. He opens you up and fixes what's wrong inside. That's a very important job.

This is the IV bottle. The tube goes in my arm.
We walked down the hall to the operating theatre. I laid down on the table and the nurse held my paw. She put an IV in me. One of the nice doctors put me to sleep. When I woke up, I was in the recovery room. Then a nice orderly pushed my bed upstairs to my own room. Grandpa James, Frankie and Chance were waiting for me. I had to stay there for two days. Every morning Dr. Quoc came to see me.

The nurse let me listen to my heart with her stethoscope.  My heart says "lub-a-dub-lub-a-dub." The third morning Dr. Quoc said I could go home. Know what? I was glad to go home. I was glad to sleep in my own bed.

This is a picture of our house on Sparkle Road. I drew the picture all by myself.
Know what? Grandpa James says, "There's no place like home." That is really true, you know.

 Did you hear that? Grandpa James is hollering, "Where are my handsome bear cubs? Where are my Sons of Windsor? Where are my Princes of Ontario? That's me! Charles! That's Chance! We're handsome bear cubs. We're Sons of Windsor and Princes of Ontario! Where's Frankie? Where's my Knight of Knewfoundland and my Lord of Labrador? That's Frankie! He's the Knight of Knewfoundland and the Lord of Labrador!

We gotta go find Grandpa James so we can get our ears tickled and our noses kissed. This is me, Charles the Bear Cub saying, "Be good citizens. If you get sick, go see Doctor Quoc. He can make you well. Then you can eat Smarties and drink root beer. Oh! Wait! Come over to our house and play doctor together!  Okay! Over and out!"

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