Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Hi. I'm Charles the Bear Cub. You know me. I live on Sparkle Road with my buddy, James. He's really old. He was the second Canadian to get off Noah's Ark, you know.

 Oh. Wait! Chance lives with us, too. He's a newborn cubby someone left in a basket on our doorstep. He's a wee little thing. I look after Chance, too. He's a handful! He climbs up on top of things and then he can't get down. He makes little squawky noises 'cuz he's afraid. I have to help him.

Chance is really small. He doesn't have a tail, yet. He doesn't even have teeth. I'm five. I have a tail. I have teeth, too. I'm glad I have teeth, 'cuz I like to eat Smarties. I always eat the red ones last, you know. It's a rule.

Chance is staring at this pumpkin. It  is bigger than Chance. I hope it doesn't fall on him! This pumpkin will be our Jack-o'-lantern. We will give it a scary face for Hallowe'en.

We get to help James make pumpkin pie, too. I l-o-v-e pumpkin pie. It tastes pumpkin-y. It's yummy and that's one of the four good groups in the Canada Food Guide.

Oh. Wait! Did you hear that? James is hollering, "Where are my handsome bear cubs? Where are my Sons of Windsor? Where are my Princes of Ontario? That's me! Charles! That's Chance! We're handsome bear cubs. We're Sons of Windsor and Princes of Ontario! We gotta go find James so we can get our ears tickled and our noses kissed. 

This is me, Charles the Bear Cub saying, "Be good citizens. Do good deeds. Then you can eat Smarties and drink root beer. Oh! Wait! Come over to our house and play with us! We can pick up trash together! Okay! Over and out!"

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Rogers said...

What are Charles and Chance going to carve their pumpkins to look like this year? I'm still looking for inspiration for my pumpkin - last time I carved one, it was Abraham Lincoln, and someone shot his hat with a pellet gun (believe it or not). I don't think it was meant to be historical, either. They just had a gun and wanted to shoot pumpkins.

What to carve, what to carve?

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