Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our New Afhan

Hi. I'm Charles the Bear Cub. You know me. I live on Sparkle Road with my buddy, James. He's really old. He was the second Canadian to get off Noah's Ark, you know.

 Oh. Wait! Chance lives with us, too. He's a newborn cubby someone left in a basket on our doorstep. He's a wee little thing. I look after Chance, too. He's a handful! 

Know what? Chance and me got a new toy to play with. It's an afghan. It's a present. I know what an afghan is. It's a very soft blankie. Auntie Susan J knitted the afghan for us. It's my very favouritest colour, too. It's green. It's very soft. Auntie Susan J is very nice, you know. Chance likes to lick the afghan. He's silly. We don't eat afghans, they're not in the Canada Food Guide, you know.

We have loads of fun with our afghan. It makes a nice tent in the living room. We  eat peanut butter and licorice sandwiches in the afghan tent and play Snakes and Ladders. We nap in the afghan, too. It's nice to fall asleep on a soft blankie. Can you say Afghanistan banana stand ten times, real fast? That's a tongue twister. It's hard to say!

Oh. Wait! Did you hear that? James is hollering, "Where are my handsome bear cubs? Where are my Sons of Windsor? Where are my Princes of Ontario? That's me! Charles! That's Chance! We're handsome bear cubs. We're Sons of Windsor and Princes of Ontario! We gotta go find James so we can get our ears tickled and our noses kissed. 

This is me, Charles the Bear Cub saying, "Be good citizens. Do good deeds and help your friends, neighbours and buddies. Then you can eat Smarties and drink root beer. Oh! Wait! Come over to our house and play with us! We can get under the afghan and play Snakes and Ladders! Okay! Over and out!"

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